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Profit And Loss (P&L) Calculator: Fine Tune Your Position

P&L Calculator

OH: P&L Calculator Tutorial 3:15

The Profit and Loss (P&L) Calculator is a flagship tool — offering an educational analysis of complex option strategies. Complex spread trades are built from a special pop-up option chain. As you select the legs for your trade, the profit curve provides you with an interactive visual profit and loss curve. Quantities of contracts can also be adjusted.

Two simple slider controls alter underlying assumptions about time to expiration and changes in volatility. Traders can move the sliders and see the profit curve change in real time — creating "what–if" scenarios on the fly. Breakeven points are calculated in a separate table.

Criteria you can use to fine-tune your analyzed position include:

  • Days Until Expiration
  • Volatility Changes
  • Interest Rates
  • Dividends

The OptionsHouse P&L calculator is unique to similar tools in that it allows traders to change pricing assumptions relating to the limit–order strategy for the position. It tracks the strategy assuming either a mid–point fill or a natural–price fill at the bid and ask.

The Profit and Loss (P&L) Calculator tool is intended to provide informational and educational information only. The information provided by the Profit and Loss Calculator does not constitute a recommendation and should not be acted on as such. You are solely responsible for all trading decisions.

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I just want to say thanks for your EVERYTHING.
Your tools are great.
The Profit Loss
Calculator includes so many functions
it blows me away. Your education videos that Joe does are great and I really enjoy the Two Traders One Strategy. Low commissions, prompt trades, Live help, and free assistance from the trading desk are great.

I've put my reputation on the line by getting some family members to open accounts with OH, SO keep up the good work. 2

— D. White

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